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Born July 29th, 1982. Guatemala City, Guatemala.


Project Manager, Credited Animation Producer, early Podcast adopter, and Photographer.


As an only child, he traveled the world with his imagination.


Thirsty for documentaries at an early age helped develop an agile domain of the English language simultaneously with Spanish. A skill that would pay off at 18 throughout his career. Being bilingual is a plus but an exponential skill when having a cultural comprehension of the continent's largest market.

Destello Triptico

As a Photographer:

My mindless swirling around for 20 years. A single-minded determination to have a steady income ended the day of her sickness. The chilling chime of the ambulance siren hailed a deafening silence ringing in my head. She passed after 72 hours, back in 2016.  After decades, I had nothing to work for, a failure. 

Going thru photographs, these memories documented a happy past and brought to my attention a love for film photography that ended just as soon as it started. In the classroom, 2 months, 16 sessions in,  I became a dropout.


Priorities became an unforgiving master demanding the days' rent. Apparent exciting jobs that bear no fruit were a distraction to a career plan or a firm direction until a new decision was made, starting over, another class.


The digital era was the new craze. Same principals, new tools. An old dog learning new tricks. 


“All drive and no focus”, was one of many echos that murmured from my past. “All potential and nothing to show for”.  


Silence is a better path. Being present in the stillness of it all. No demands, no requirements. Be still in wonder, in amazement of all that happens without you as you gaze. 


These still moments were captured out of nostalgia, grief, curiosity, ignorance, love, and longing.

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