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Let's work together and create some visual goodness.

I have collaborated with production companies, freelancers, and international studios from the USA, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. Have thrived working with creative problem-solving squads involving design, strategy, technical, and business teams.


I'm looking to collaborate in teams with purpose, in extremely competitive industries, this motivates me to find the best in myself and the projects at hand.

My goal is to visualize, create, and promote unique experiences through mixed media by applying my 20+ years of producing content.


Producer for Creative Content and Transcreation

Jan 2020 – Apr 2022 

Promoted within the creative operations team for PayPal, extending responsibilities from marketing campaign production and adding collaborations with Sales, Comms, Product, and Engineering teams requesting animated internal communication content, new product design iconography, and Branded design creative assets.

Xoom, a PayPal Service

Project Manager for Brand Team

Nov 2015 – Dec 2019


Created and organized production workflow with Asana/Jira for marketing and brand communication. Produced marketing assets upon request by territory managers needing in-language creative initiatives to communicate specifically to principal niche markets such as Mexican, Philipino, and Indian cohorts. Searched, vetted, and onboarded vendors from around the world to enhance production quality at cost-efficient pricing. Lead in-house creative team to ingest working briefs to brainstorm and pitch engaging creative concepts. Delivered complex digital and broadcast spots for distribution in multiple languages, written and dubbed, in time. Forecasted and managed a budget to maintain efficient spending. Traveled on location for productions in Uruguay, Jamaica, and San Francisco. Negotiated, Licensed voice, acting, music, and stock footage rights.

Studio (C)

Dec 2003 – Sep 2009 

Starting in December 2003, hired to coordinate the first visual effects project with a small but ambitious team at Studio ©. A pure learning experience with a steep learning curve led to a new world of technical design and artistry that was not available anywhere else in the region and welcomed me as an advertising student.

I was able to work in what I've always wanted (Film) but also added educational projects for local government, Television, and Theater Performances. 


Continued independently as a reseller for Autodesk, Adobe, and

The Foundry.

Watch the Demo for a taste of the great work we were able to deliver as a team.



Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (2009): (not credited)



All's Faire in Love (2009): (not credited)



Extreme XL Island/Beach (2008): Commercial 



The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)



The Insatiable (2006)



The Nativity Story (2006)



Let's Go To Prison (2006)



FF2 – Tokyo Drift (2006): (not credited)



The Ring 2 (2005): (not credited)



The Chronicles Of Narnia (2005)



Viva Y Espacios (2004-2005): TV series



Viva La Mañana (2004): TV series



Via Libre (2004): Commercial



The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004)


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