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"Nostalgia", as a fad word, is drained from its true meaning. A raw human emotion that connects the present to the past via the senses. Could be one, could be all. A sharp strike to the heart and mind as a memory flutters of euphoric hormones to gift you a priceless moment. These are the trails of imagined memory, a place that never was but yearned to be. A sweet sense of home even in an unfamiliar space.

My first time here was a lifetime ago.


Work starts before dawn. Night turns into the longest of days. The ground births the ingredients, and the Terminal Market plays the main stage where Chef Pablo Díaz shops for the daily produce for Mercado24. The essence of his restaurant is daily freshness with local ingredients. Chaos is beautifully choreographed as we move by the gatekeepers of the safest space in the country. City blocks house thousands of boxed filled with goods sold by hundreds of people to thousands of buyers every day. Space loses meaning as we submerge under a roof creating a cavernous maze and my guide is the only way in and out. - !¿Qué pasó papa?! yells Pablo from across the halls. Orders are ready, exchanges are made, smiles are shared, and trust is palpable.

Anything and everything can be found here, for the right price, with the right person.

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