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Lester Morales

My favorite comedian. Lester left a debt the world cannot pay back.

A kind, shy soul that could be loud if the moment was right (or the worst possible). He pushed himself through anxiety to serve the people, the public, and his fans. A familiar face that would share a crooked smile and start a conversation if you were new, lost, or gorgeous.

A purist that practiced the art of stand-up comedy consistently; arms scratched with words that would only make sense to him, a frantic "cheat sheet" to use up stage. He became a guide, mentor, and friend to me and I will miss him dearly,  as so many others touched by his unique presence.

There is no number that can express, represent and pay back whom we lost.

He remains with us through his work, his memories, his family, and his tribe. 

Lester Morales
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